Fashion Retail Needs to Adapt

Retail is hurting around the world, and fashion is one of the hardest hit sectors. Many will weather the storm, and still be around when things start to bounce, but many will either have to adapt and change or face an uncertain future.

Its been hard to find companies who are doing something amazing in this space, and beyond the emergence of online shopping (of which only some players have taken full advantage of this shift), innovation is a necessity not a luxury.

The challenge is to innovate and I recently came across a new business model in the world of publishing from Lightning Source called 'print on demand'. 

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Learnings of a creative genius - Listening (shhhh it's a secret) 

John Jay of Wieden + Kennedy was recently named one of the most creative business people in 2011 by Fast Company.

Watch this short clip about some great tips to deliver amazing things for your long term clients, relevant not just for creative services but for anyone wanting to deliver amazing results.



Sales Thinking - how are you helping to delight customers?

OK, so everyone wants happy customers and sales is meant to be the easiest (ask anyone who doesn't work in sales) and the hardest (ask anyone who does) job in business. One of the most important things managers can do is develop a strategy and culture where staff can delight customers and move beyond just selling.

Read on to hear 6 great tips on sales thinking and what you can do to develop a more effective sales team.


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How do you see your customers? 

Very rarely do we see our customers as just one big bunch of people bustling through our door. Ideally we would love to be able to respond to each and every customer as an individual, tailoring service and products to their tastes (really tough to do although becoming easier for technology based businesses).

This is where the the practice of effective 'customer segmentation' becomes an important ingredient of a successful business. Creating a lens that your business can look at your customers through provides the framework for your sales, customer service and post sale strategy.

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Don't compete with rivals... Make them irrelevant

Wow, imagine if what your business did was create something that was really new, and delivered value by looking for new needs and ways of satisfying them. This thinking is brought to life in a great book called 'Blue Ocean Strategy' available here.

Blue Ocean Strategy Starts With Asking Where Customers Are Not.


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