Social Flights - private jets through the power of community

Social Flights is an amazing example of how utelising the power of a community (with some technology to grease the wheels) the world of private jets can become available to anyone.

Imagine flying on your next holiday in the comfort of a private jet, avoiding check in and baggage claim, sounds like the lifestyle normally out of reach right?

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Ditch Powerpoint - make your presentations interesting again

Everyone's heard the phrase 'death by powerpoint' and if your like me and have presented many of gigs over the years, finding new ways to engage your audience is important to getting your message across.

Recently I came across a great cloud based presentation tool called Prezi, and I was really impressed. Easy to use, easy to navigate and allows even those with little creativity to design great presentations to support your topic.

Do yourself a favour and check it out, its the number one tool in my dock now for interesting, fun and engaging presentation.


The one page business plan

I have been thinking a lot about business plans, budgets and the like over the last few weeks, and what I realised that if it was important enough I could say it one page.

There are lots of great tools and models around that you can use for a new business or assessing if your current operations are going in the right direction and focusing on what's important to your customers. Remember that a it's about communicating effectively.

Business Model Generation is a great book that provides a great tool called the 'Business Model Canvas' that you can use yourself or collaborate in a team to gain focus, innovation and momentum.

See Facebook applied to the business model canvas, and read about the important pillars you analyse with the canvas.

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The Competitive Advantage - Keep an eye on it

The competitive advantage. Business jargon? Maybe, but an important ingredient to any firms ongoing success. What are some of the things a firm must keep an eye on to stay relevant, innovative and one step ahead of it's competitors?

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Diversity in Counsel and unity in command

The Harvard Business Review ideacast throws up some great short (read 10 or minutes) podcasts. Click below to hear from Morten Hansen, professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and author of Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results.

He talks about getting better results from effective collaboration in your teams, rather than meeting for meetings sake.