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Take the approach of a curator

A curators job is all about developing a just the right mix of art or exhibits to maximise the impact of the collection. Deciding what to leave out is as important as what you put in. 

This simple approach can have  big results when you apply it to how you run your business and how you deal with most things in life.

How many times have you sent off that huge spreadsheet or report to someone, only to have them tell you that they couldn't understand it (or didn't bother to read it). Are you guilty of trying to fit too much stuff on the sale rack or end up telling someone your life story in your resume?

It takes a lot more effort to deliver something that is succinct, well thought out and with your audience in mind. But you will reap greater rewards for your effort (and often discover more through the process).

You will be judged but what people see, so edit yourself relentlessly to try be clear and powerful about what you communicate. 

French composer Claude Debussy put it eloquently "Music is the space between the notes".

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