Be a writer - clear writing is a sign of clear thinking
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 3:39PM
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What that really means is be a great communicator. After spending many hours in meetings, workshops, retreats, lectures and presentations, I know as well as anybody that effective communication can make or break a great idea.

My top 5 tips for ensuring your message gets across and getting the outcomes you intended.


  1. Think about your audience. Tailoring your message will captivate people, it also shows you have taken the time and effort to think about them.
  2. Slow down. Talk to fast and you're probably thinking to fast. Make sure you give people time to absorb your message, and enough time for you to observe body language and anticipate questions.
  3. Be concise. Less is more whether your writing or speking, don't be afraid to cut out redundant information. As a friend of mine once told me 'your resume should never be longer than one page unless you've won the Nobel peace prize'.
  4. Plan. This doesn't mean spending hours prepping for every conversation you have through the day, but for the important ones, take some time and ensure you have done your homework.
  5. Listen. That means listen to questions, listen for non verbal cues, listen to your internal voice telling you you are off track (or going too fast!). Listening also show respect.


Make yourself easy to understand. It will pay dividends to your personal and professional life.

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