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Sales Thinking - how are you helping to delight customers?

OK, so everyone wants happy customers and sales is meant to be the easiest (ask anyone who doesn't work in sales) and the hardest (ask anyone who does) job in business. One of the most important things managers can do is develop a strategy and culture where staff can delight customers and move beyond just selling.

Read on to hear 6 great tips on sales thinking and what you can do to develop a more effective sales team.


1. Always be helping 

Rather than being sold to, people like to buy. It seems obvious but don't be the pushy salesman trying to 'close' the deal. If your there helping, being genuine, people will respond when they want to buy.

2. Fail fast and learn

Everyone makes mistakes and even your customers understand that. The key is to learn from it and make sure that you improve. The faster you fail, the faster you will improve.

3. Defend your time and use it wisely

Your staff only have so much time in the day, and its easy to get dragged into meetings, hallway chatter and the never ending cc emails. Ensure they are equipped to understand what are the most important things they need to do and support them when they need it. 

4. What gets measured gets done, so measure what is being achieved rather than just what is being done.

Be outcome focused rather than process focused. Make sure you tie the goals to real and important business outcomes, it will challenge people but they will thank you for it.

5. Mondernise and stay abreast of technology

Buyers will admire your efforts to continuously improve. It's what they want to do in their own business after all.

6. Master your craft

Be an expert in what you sell and what your customers need. Its part of being genuine.

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