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Networking - Quality over Quantity

Playing a game of 52 pick up with your business cards at a networking event just isn't effective and makes you look like a trainee black jack dealer. 

Networking is a vital part of building your career but developing relationships within your own organisation to deliver best outcomes is a forgotten but equally important element of networking.

Rather than how many people you network with, more important is who and what type of people you network with. It is easy to spread yourself thin and feel like your not focusing on what is important day to day, networking is no different. Choose carefully how you will engage and liaise.

You should try to build relationships with people who are sideways or up in your organisation rather than down the org chart. This means you target your efforts on people who can help you influence and get results.

Another important element of effective networking is the concept of 'give before you get'. The high performers of networking demonstrate a process of giving your time, advice, resources to others before expecting anything in return. Through this approach you also develop deeper and longer lasting relationships with people in your network. This creates a 'pull' effect in your network rather than a push, delivering more effective outcomes when you need them.

So take the quality over quantity approach in your network today and think about who are the other high performers you want be associated with and make the effort.

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