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The one page business plan

I have been thinking a lot about business plans, budgets and the like over the last few weeks, and what I realised that if it was important enough I could say it one page.

There are lots of great tools and models around that you can use for a new business or assessing if your current operations are going in the right direction and focusing on what's important to your customers. Remember that a it's about communicating effectively.

Business Model Generation is a great book that provides a great tool called the 'Business Model Canvas' that you can use yourself or collaborate in a team to gain focus, innovation and momentum.

See Facebook applied to the business model canvas, and read about the important pillars you analyse with the canvas.

1 - Customer segments

Defines the different groups of people or organisations you are trying to reach and serve. Who are you creating value for? Who are your most important customers?

2 - Value Propositions

Describes the bundle of products and services that create value for a specific customer segment, and why customers turn to one company over another. What value are you delivering? Which one of your customers problems are you helping to fix?

3 - Channels

How you communicate with and reach your customer segments to deliver a value proposition. How do your customers want to be reached? How are you reaching them now?

4 - Customer Relationships

Describes the types of relationships you have with customers. Are you personal service focused or automated self serve. What type or relationships do your customers expect?

5 - Revenue Streams

Where do you get your income from? What are your customers willing to pay for, what is currently being paid and how much? Are your prices fixed or variable? Defining your sources and relevant revenues is at the heart of any business model.

6 - Key Resources

What are the most important assets required to make your business model work? Are there physical assets, IP, key personnel with specialised skills or financial resources?

7 - Key Activities

What are the most important things you must do to make your business work? What activities are key to your value proposition, your channels, customer relationships and revenue streams. Focus on these first.

8 - Key Partnerships

Who are the network of suppliers and partners that make your business work?  What type of relationship do you have with them? Strategic alliances, co-opetition, joint ventures or buyer-supplier relationships?

9 - Cost Structure

What the costs incurred make your business run? Which are the most important, which are the most expensive, are they fixed or variable?

The BMC can be a great way to kick start your business, the book is a great read and will provoke some new thinking in how you approach an ever changing business landscape.

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Awesome post! I enjoyed it and like to share with my other friends.

July 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMedical Service

Great, love to hear it!

January 23, 2013 | Registered CommenterDane

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